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The roots of Singer Songwriter SOLOF lie in the Netherlands, but it could easily have been in Australia. With his warm and strong voice he will take you to lovely surf beaches or a silent place on top of a mountain. “With my songs I wish to sing love, hope and happiness into the world”, SOLOF says. And that is exactly what he is and will be doing. Olof Sinke, the man behind SOLOF released his fourth single “I love the seaside” in june 2016. In this song he tells the story about a couple traveling to the south of Europe and search for the best waves to surf. This song was also used for the release and promotion of the international surf and travel guide with similar name.

SOLOF grew up in a small village near the sea. After writing lyrics at young age, he picked up the guitar at age of 16. These lyrics soon became songs about freedom and love. By age 18, SOLOF landed his first gig at a local bar, where he played a couple of his own songs. Apart from surfing, writing songs and performing are SOLOF’s  biggest passions. His lyrical depth, gift for melody and impassioned delivery are arresting on first listen and linger long after the final note.

In June 2015 SOLOF released his album "Home". The single "Good days" is often played on dutch radio. In december 2016 SOLOF released his single and clip "Take your time". In this song SOLOF emphasizes the importance of real contact between people instead of cold contact on Facebook.


SOLOF likes to play as a street musician. He thinks this is a good way to meet new fans. This was also one of the reasons he played on 20 small stages across the Netherlands during his "Troubatour" in the autumn of 2016.


In october 2015 SOLOF played four times as support-act in the Dutch tour of international star Kim Wilde.. In may 2017 SOLOF played 4 times as support-act in the Dutch tour of the Dire Straits Experience, the best tribute to the real band.

In the summer of 2018 SOLOF started his Sunset sessions. During these concerts he plays at beautiful places close or on the beach while the sun sets. In june this year SOLOF will release his last singel ‘The Sunset”

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